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Friday, 7 December 2012

Dyfi Winter Warmer enduro 2013

Here it is folks. The much anticipated sign up page for the 2013 Dyfi Winter Warmer, mountain bike Enduro event.

A spin off form the May Howies Dyfi Enduro, the Winter Warmer uses the same forest and terrain as the spring event, but uses a lap format instead of the full 60km summer route.
The full routes totals around 30 miles, but due to the multiple lap route you can drop out at the 10 or 20 mile options. This makes it ideal as a warm up enduro, a first time enduro for those not sure about committing to the full distance, or for if like me a couple of years ago, you accidentally end up in the pub until 4 am the night before and your hang over kicks in half way through the first lap!

Don't be fooled by the distance tough, its the Dyfi forest after all, and the riding will be challenging but great fun, with you guessed it a few good sized climbs. As with all the Dyfi mountain bike events, the main emphasis is on fun and testing yourself, but I'm sure the seasoned racers such as Huw Thomas and Matt Page will probably show up, if you fancy testing yourself against the best!

Here's a link to the sign up page...Winter warmer enduro

Here's my GoPro footage form last years Dyfi Winter Warmer 

...and a link to my Winter warmer enduro review of last year. 

So if you fancy a fun day out with a few hundred other mountain bikers of like minded persuasion, here it is. The perfect start to the New Year :-D See you there. 

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