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Thursday, 26 July 2012

One week down!

So we've been here a week already. Shocking how quickly time goes, but at the same time we've had some great fun!

A few shots I took from inside the shore break, just before it all unloads up the beach!

I finally got myself some surf yesterday, and obviously took the GoPro with me to get some footage. It was classic powerful close out hitting the beach French surf. Not great, but made all the better to be out there wearing boardies and getting a tan at the same time. Cote Sauvage is a great area, with long sandy beaches and plenty of trees to shelter under if you need to get out of the sun. 

Sol has been loving his skim board, and is getting out daily. he must have had a five hour session yesterday, and pretty much collapsed and slept the second we got in off the beach in the evening. 
here he is...

Faye and Dharma have been loving the beach and sea as well. Dharma has really enjoyed playing about in the smaller surf and Faye has been taking regular cool down brakes, but isn't letting it effect her tanning time ;) 

Bodhi has been chilling out and keeping out of the heat a bit at my Parents house. With daily temps usually topping around the high 30's walks are strictly first thing or late evening. Theres plenty of choice of cliff tops or beaches and we've also managed a couple of mountain bike sessions to keep him up to pace!

Taliesin and Bodhi enjoying a cool evening walk

Were all a bit beached out today, especially the kids. SO were having a lazy day relaxing at the folks and will probably take a dip in the sea this afternoon to chill out a bit. 
The plan cross over to Lacanau area this weekend, but the wind is due to go onshore which will wreck the surf, so to maximise water sport conditions I'm planning on staying her for a few extra days to hopefully kite surf at St Georges de didonne.

I'm still extensively researching 9% plus European lagers, its a tough job but some one has to do it, a sample of the best ones will be coming back to Wales with me, so people of Pennal prepare yourselves for a surprise :D 

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