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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Moving on...oh no were not!

So I should be sat in a beach side camp site in Lacanau right now...but poor old Bessie the T25 had a little issue last night on the way home from an epic kite surf sesh at La palmyre. Teh clutch peddle has stopped working! I managed to get us home..just about, changing gear occasionally without the clutch, and praying that lights would turn to green in time to prevent stalling! The RAC are coming out tomorrow to see what needs to be done, so its xed fingers here that shes back on the road very soon.

Its not all bad though and it gives us some extra time with my parents.

I was gutted to find out yesterday that kite surfing has been banned on all of Royans beaches, so its no more kitesurfing on the door step form the folks's gaff. Just as well theyve sold it! On finding out I couldnt make the most of Royan's beaches I headed up the coast 20 mins to my so far fave French kitesurf spot, la Palmyre. Its a massive lagoon, probably about 3 square miles, and at high tide is all about a foot deep. heaps of others kite surfers but theres plenty of room. The wind was a solid 17-18 knots so I headed out powered up on the 14 meter Caution Mayhem for an epic afternoon of kitesurfing in Board shorts!

The rest of oour time if you hadnt guessed has been spent eating French food, especially these crevettes which I cooked up with chilli and garlic oil yesterday and taking the kids to the beach. Sols skim boarding is coming on leaps and bounds, and Dharma is clocking up some serious miles on her bike

Wanting a change from the beach, we visited Talmont today, which is the village next to Barzan plage where were staying. Its a beautiful village with an amazing church,( not that I'm really into churches). 

So, heres hoping that next time I write will be from back in the van, parked up somewhere similar to this, next to a beach and taking a break form driving in the shade! 

Hope your all enjoying summer x 

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