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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Catch up time...and Euro travels!

I havnt posted for a good few weeks, as Ive been pretty much all blogged out!

Ive got a new part time post, running social media and co-ordicating online marketing for a Ski instructor school based in Valdisere. SO my own blogs loss has been another blogs gain. Its going well and I really enjoy it, but Ive slacked off on my own work. Heres a link to the company Im optimising for... Find out more

SO! This is where I'm at!

Ive been working hard on various projects, and as the kids and the Wife are all going to be off work as of next Wednesday, we've decided to take most of the summer off and go touring France in our 1989 VW t25 camper van. Not some peoples idea of fun, but its certainly ours.

Well be keeping ourselves a blog diary of events and what we get up to on here, so if your interested please follow us. Ill probably link it all through Twitter on @shemKSW

Obviously Ill be taking the GOPro, so Im hoping therell be lots of footage of all sorts finding its way on to here. Ill be carrying on with marketing work, so Ill be online a couple of days a week to upload fun stuff and keep the blog going.

Have a fun summer :D

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