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Monday, 11 June 2012

A wet weekend!

Where do I start?
Weekend of 9/10th June 2012. Weve just come back from a dry weeks holiday in Scotland, during which back home Wales got a week of battering from rain and wind.
On our first day back, we realise just how wet its been; the drains arent coping and rivers are all bank high. The next day, things are worse. Our village, Pennal has suffered its worst flooding in over 20 years, and the local pub and our good friends house have 2-3 foot of water inside them, as well as a selection of other houses set near the river in the village.

Saturday is spent knee deep in water, clearing the pub and home next door, then hosing them back down and starting other clearing such as ripping out carpets and other furnitre. Glyn the local land lord puts on 2 barrels of ale, and every one has a few beers and mucks in. Community spirit was high, and amazingly people even commented on enjoying the day, that real spirit for you!

Heres a picture of the quarry on the day, taken by Martyn Dickinson, that had cycled up to take a closer look!

Sunday morning and a sunny start to the day, all must be good! Oh no, theres 2 helicopters flying around the village mountain, police in 4x4 vehicles and so on. Having an enduro motor bike I shoot up the mountain to see whats happening, and it turns out the old village quarry/damn has had a land slide, filled up with water and has 6million gallons of water suspended above the top it off theres a split in the supporting wall! NOT GOOD!

To cut it short, were all evacuated, (I hang around wanting to watch), Village turns into a media circus of tv crews and has more security services than the Queens jubilee had!

By 7pm, a local contractor has done a 10 hour digger shift and the pressure is eased..and we all get to go home, phew, what a weekend.

Heres a few links!

bbc news report

Sun news, with quote by me, altho not what I said!

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