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Friday, 25 November 2011

Motor bikes!

Had a great day out at the NEC Motorcycle live show yesterday.
As a motor bike fan and a designer its great to see new designs and the latest in motor cycle technology all in one great big arena; and get to sit on and touch the real things rather than just see them in a magazine or online.

Theres been massive developments this year, with completely new style bikes hitting the market, and as ever masses of modifications available to retro fit to your current bikes.

Heres a couple of pics to wet your appetite!

The Crazy new Ducati, and with a price tag of near enough £20 Grand!

193Horse power of BMW!
Pure Custom! Classic bobber styling with a spray job to get tattooed for! Styling! If Santa's listening, Id like this one please! 

Im seriously tempted to take a grinder and some motivation to my 1987 yamaha Genesis 750 now, to build myself a new street fighter style bike, which Ive always proffered to standard sports bikes anyway, we shall see, watch this space!

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