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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Welcome to Autumn!

Well it certainly wasnt late this year! September the 1st and WOW it kicked in with serious effect!
This has meant working a few less hours in the outdoor part of my work, but its a great excuse to spend more time on the lap top and sketch pad working on new designs. Its also meant more time in the sea making the most of the epic kitesurfing conditions and riding on the back of Hurricane Irene's wave which has recently hit us. :D

Its off to London next week for DSEI, (, every thing is done and most of the stall has been sent ahead for security checks, due to the high profile of the show. Its going to be a busy week, and as much as Im there to sell and promote, Im looking forward to seeing other peoples innovative designs and ideas.

Ill be keeping updating via twitter, follow me here!/shemKSW

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