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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Its all change

So! Ive blatantly neglected my own blog for a few months due to various situations that have demanded more time and effort that my already busy life would allow. This currently sees me in my first ‘employed’ role in thirteen years, after being self employed, free lance and any other name associated to basically managing myself professionally and financially! It didn’t take this change in career and lifestyle lightly though; Id scoured websites and papers, eagerly ‘hunting’ out the right position to make the change worth while.

Typically…at the point that I thought, NNAAA Ill stick to what Im doing, and start a couple of new projects I had planned, a great position became available at an exciting new centre based in Bangor University. I shan’t hide the fact that I find Bangor University a exciting and dynamic centre to be around at this point!  So, with bated breath I hear you ask “what is Shem doing that is so interesting?”

Let me Nudge you here! Im working as part of a multidisciplinary team associated with Bangor University and funded partially by the Welsh European funding office… The Wales Centre for Behaviour Change.  So where does my past experience in Business development and design connect with Psychology I hear you ask?

My time studying product design and working with clients in this area had led me down a path of consumer psychology, multidisciplinary teams and digital marketing. All of which play a part in looking at the way end users can be effected by the way they see, touch and perceive a product, be it a ‘touchy feely’ product, a system, service or any other variety of product; and here I am now working in a multidisciplinary team at the WCBC.

For more info of my work here and current projects, please see my Behaviour change blog

So what of the biking, kiting and surfing? That’s right…I quit all things outdoor, never look at a skate board any more and certainly would consider any sport that could result in a fracture of flesh wound…

…and if you believe that, you clearly havn’t ready any of my previous blogs!

Yes its summer time and the surf ‘aint doing much, but the hills and trails are dusty and dry and the mountain biking here n West Wales is as good as ever.
I shant rant on about perfect single track or rock face drop offs that flow like a river; instead, heres a video of some recent session...

GoPro, a word that I used to connect with recording fun times…now it reminds me of loosing my beloved HD HERO2, during my first kitesurf sesh of the year. But every cloud has s silver lining, and the loss of my HD 2, just reinforces the fact that it was probably time to upgrade to the newer and more powerful HD3 Black edition, and loosing my old one will act as a Nudge in the right direction.

I havnt gone ahead with the upgrade yet, but with pay day a couple of weeks away, a new toy will be arriving at the Giant Shem oversized toy box very soon!

I started writing this post 2 weeks ago, but got dragged away form it. I think I had a plan of where to go next, but its completely passed me by, so I shall instead stop right here.

More blogging soon, I think I have the bug again x

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