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Monday, 22 October 2012

Making the most of sunny days

It may be nearly November, and the temperature, at night especially has dropped considerably, but we've had some great weather; and it'd be rude not to make the most of it!

Weve also had some great surf as well, everything form huge 10 foot beach break to perfect peeling point break. So Ive been liberating a few hours during the day and getting myself wet.
As per usual the GoPro has been coming along to document the fun.

Heres one from my first session using the GoPro surf mount on the nose of the board, taken at a session at a really sheltered reef break near Aberdyfi. 

The VW T25 got itself a night out as well recently. The forecast for both weather and surf looked good, so we nipped down to Tywyn and spent the night parked up on the sea front. After a gorgeous sunset and an evening in the van having fun we woke up to small clean surf, that continued to build through the day. Sol had some great waves as well, but was shocked by the change of temperature, as his last surf was in France in August!

Free Camping at its best!

The view from the v-dub was just as good in the morning as well

The day wasnt over after the beach tho, we headed straight to the skate park for Sol to work on his ever increasing bag of skate board tricks, and then capped the day off with a walk to the bearded lake. 
All in an awesome weekend!

Heres a little footage of the surf from the weekend

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