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Monday, 6 February 2012

Dyfi winter warmer enduro

So the now 2nd Dyfi winter warmer event was here at last. about 250 riders, hitting the already gnarly trails of the Dyfi forest, but now covered in ice and some left over snow in sub zero temps, (it was sunny though) :-D

As per usual, the ride was a combo of hellish steep and long mainly fire road climbs and loose and rocky down hill sections. The vibe on the day was chilled and friendly, with smiles all over, except for you guessed it the hard core hills! 

Wearing my GoPro didnt do anything for the looks department, haha, but it was great to get some footage,  especially of me hitting ice and going flying down the only tiny section of tarmarc road!

The first lap went well, and I came in pretty much on the hour, filled up the water bottle and went off for the second loop, which took me an hour. I was going to do a third, but I was pretty happy just chatting and eating free bakery goods, so knocked it on the head there. 

A great day, which hopefully made some money for charity. Thanks to Carl slate and Pete Jones and all the others that organised the day, Now bring on the Dyfi enduro in May! 

Heres my video of the day :

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