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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

First attempt at web design!

With new ventures on the go I needed to tell the world about them, and at some point Id really like to make some money, (ha ha)! As much as Id love to pay a top notch web design firm to make websites for me, I simply couldnt afford it, and I wanted the flexibility to change and make new ones as and when, so I decided to give dream weaver a bit of a go! A lot of features and menu's work similarly to photoshop and illustrator so it wasnt a total blank start; there where a few lap top approaching window moments however!
Thanks to various written resources and you tube and google Ive managed to get a web site up and running for the life ring rocket. Its not the flashest website out there, in fact its very basic, but it does the job and has only cost me time, which has been the last few evenings; so here it is :)

Heres a quick sequence shot image of when the rocket hits the water. Inflation time is between 2-4 seconds.

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