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Sunday, 18 September 2011

DSEI 2011 report

Well it was a pretty full on week. Up early every day to sort out the stand and then a day of chatting through designs and products with potential customers, that ranged form Government delegates to arms dealers and private soldiers.
The life ring took a lot of interest from the foreign coast guard and rescue teams, but the main point of the week was to sell body armour. Englands body armour is the most high tech armour available globally, and it was great being able to show people what is available!
Running the stall took up most of each day, but it was also great to get out and about and look at what else was on show, and with it being the worlds largest arms fair, it was all pretty full on, heres a few photos of what was on offer!
Ill take 2 of each please, haha
Big Toys!
The USA pavilion!

All in, a very interesting week and a good start to promoting the Life Ring Rocket; which is now in production! The tooling is being made in Germany, and it will then be flown to the UK for the moulding to begin! Next step for me is some serious marketing and trying to piggy back my way into the LOndon Boat Show! 

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